Spa and Wellness

Dr. Moon Beach, El Nido.

This is a place to recharge & re-boot.

It is about YOU. Only YOU and probably your group only.

Here, no guided meditation nor yoga instructor.  No watch, so no time pressure. It is all yours. Do it yourself and something you will remember for lifetime.

Moon Beach is the definition of tranquility.  It is a perfect place for wellness retreats. A paradise for both physical well-being and spiritual balance. Surrounding jungle and the ocean. Expect to spot wildlife such as friendly monkeys and squirrels during your stay here. What’s not to love?

Offering only limited number of guests at a time, making it a peaceful oasis that attracts travellers seeking a very private getaway. It undeniably has the most desirable location in El Nido, Palawan.


After your day activities or island tour, it is time to relax. You can request for beach massage or in-room massage. Available local filipino massage by local therapist. P800 per hour per person.


Yoga by the beach: it has plenty of health benefits. Taking your practice to the beach can help you challenge yourself, protect your body, deepen your poses, feel better about life and even recover faster.

Moon Beach is a perfect place for self yoga or group yoga. This secluded part of El Nido is like no other.  Yoga mat is available at your villa. No yoga platform but the soft sand is right front of you where you get energy from earth. Post yoga swim, just jump in to pristine ocean!


“If the ocean can calm itself, so can you. We are both salt water mixed with air.”—Nayyirah Waheed

The beach is a wonderful place to meditate, because it offers direct contact with the life energy of Mother Nature, and its gentle yet powerful sensations remind us of the power of simplicity. The sun, wind, water, and sand aren’t complicated and they don’t have to try hard to affect change. They simply are. They’re powerful because of their inherent nature, just like we humans are when we learn to settle down and simplify things.

Enjoy each day meditation when you are here at Moon Beach Villas. All you can hear is waves & wind feel the sun and sand.