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Marketing Alliances: Fastnet Travel and Tours Corp is official partner of The Orient Beach Boracay. However The Orient Beach Boracay is open to its new travel partners worldwide. Always.

A world of rewarding travel partners.

travelThe Fastnet Travel & Tours Corp. recognition programme is The Orient Beach Boracay’s way of acknowledging,
rewarding, and celebrating your achievements as a travel consultant.


Creating that perfect holiday takes more than hard work. It needs good product knowledge, plenty of experience and talent for marketing.

Because you have helped others discover  The Orient Beach Boracay, we wish to recognize you for your support and contributions.

Every journey can be its own reward. Earn and redeem points with our travel partners around the world.

Whatever your final destination, you can always arrive a little closer to your next reward. Just travel with any of our partners to earn points and miles wherever you go.