Life in remote beach area is very different from the rest of the world and we take pride on this as an opportunity to escape from the stressful life.

Enjoy this magical place with sea, sand, waves, wind and finest nature.

However, expect some inconveniences.

Ensure this magical paradise is right for you, please read all the lines here >>

All groceries prior to arrival!

Do your meal planning prior to arrival. Before coming to Moon Beach Villas our driver can assist you to purchase all the food items for your entire stay. Breakfast or food is not included and you need to purchase (or we can purchase for you in advance). We will provide a suggested list of items to purchase prior to leaving El Nido town. Take note, local market is not like a super market but a informal type Philippine provincial market called- palengke. If you do not wish to join purchasing grocery items, you can let us know and we can buy in advance for you. Total purchase amount to be reimbursed upon your arrival. If you wish to purchase more items during your stay, you may simply advise our staff to hire a local guy to purchase additional groceries. Our staff will cook for you or you may cook your own as well.

Cooking & Eating!

Our staff who is also a Cook will be staying at the back of the villa in a separate utility area to assist you for your comfort and needs. Experience a wonderful rural life on an endless, untouched beach. We have in-house kitchen in each villa and we also have common kitchen outside the villa in our utility area. You may cook or join cooking or instruct our caretaker about cooking. Normally, she can cook Filipino dishes. Cooking service is free of charge but a generous tip to our caretaker is highly encouraged.

In the evening you can ask our staff to setup BBQ Grill on the beach area. Guests often sit on the beach where we can also grill or make BBQ for you.

Solar Power! Not air-conditioned or shower heater!

We are solar-powered and no shower heater is available in the bathroom. If you have kids and really need hot water, please advise our staff and we can heat water for shower.

We are an off-the-grid resort, where we strive to live in harmony with our environment. Solar power generally is available 24/7 unless weather or technical issue arises. There are times solar energy may be shut down.

No cell phone signals & paid wifi!

No cellphone signal from our property. We encourage disconnecting yourself from everything once you are here. However, if you really cannot disconnect yourself from the outside world, you can walk to the beach during low tide to get signal just past our sea meadow about 100 meters into the ocean. Or, you may need to walk up to the mountain to get cellphone signal.

Paid wifi internet is available at the property. We use satellite internet, thus the cost is based on bandwidth or MB usage. 100 MB usage will cost P300. Expect slow connection for satellite internet.

Paid WIFI generally is available 24/7 unless weather or technical issue arises. There are times wifi may not work and in that event we will surely work with internet provider to fix soonest possible.

Our fresh water source is from deep forest natural spring mountain at the back. We have installed our own filtering system, however there are times, expect slightly blurry water but take note natural spring water is clean but not potable. Water pressure in bathroom maybe slow.

Although supply water is available all the time. However, In case of the issue with water supply from natural spring or any plumbing related issue, we will add water in bathroom separately by buckets while fixing the issue.

No ATMs, no stores, no restaurants, no nightlife. We are located off the beaten track. Please be aware that the road to us is quite muddy and “adventurous” during the rainy season and are especially challenging to traverse by motorbike.

For any purchase, additional service or needs at the resort, we can only accept CASH payment and in Philippine Pesos.

There’s a good number of friendly fishermen families living very peacefully nearby our Villas as our neighbors, however they are at the end of the cove.

Insects, flies, lizards, dogs & more!

You live here in nature. Moon Beach Villas fully immersed with nature. Since it is located too close to nature, it is unavoidable to see some bugs, lizards, monkeys etc. Enjoy the simplicity, and reconnect with nature, once again.

Palawan is a tropical island and consequently sometimes there are lizards, spiders and other insects around. We carry out pest control services on a weekly basis to diminish their presence. But being so close & within the nature they are often seen & are not dangerous, however we have provided mosquito net for your peace of mind.

We are in a tropical climate. Our villas are sealed but there is a likelihood you’ll be seeing a gecko (but rest assured nobody has ever been injured by a gecko here). You should also know that there are some dogs that freely roam outside the property & they are friendly. In the morning you might hear roosters crowing. In recompense for the occasional insect annoyance, we find that Mother Nature offers amongst countless other pleasures: thriving coconut trees, plants, flowers, sea breezes, orchids, “tắc kè” lizards, birds, blue moths, geckos, green beetles, fireflies, cicadas, and butterflies…

Expect back to basic!

We have limited staffs only. Everything here is island-style and not like commercial resort or hotel. This is a remote location where you can only enjoy sea, wind, sand and waves.

We will take care of your arrival or departure but there are times if the weather condition is not suitable, expect some changes in route & difficulty in transportation. Road coming moon beach is not cemented and expect rough and during rainy season it may be muddy.

Aside from typhoon or bad weather, there are times between Nov. to Feb, sea may be rough. In the event of rough sea, our 47 feet boat may not be able to dock direct on shore thus expect to get wet. Likewise in the event of bad typhoon or bad condition of sea as we follow Philippine coast guard advisory (Guidelines on Movement of Vessels during Heavy Weather), we may find alternate solutions of transfer such as motorbike using mountain trail or by rough road with 15-20 mins walking required. Transfer must be during day light before 5PM only.

Please read details of this page to ensure this is a right place for you.